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Southeast Weld Conservation District

About Southeast Weld Conservation District
In 1937 President Franklin Roosevelt passed the Colorado Soil Conservation Act as a result of the Dust Bowl .  In 2002 Legisaltion voted to remove "Soil" from names of Conservation Districts to more accurately reflect  Districts' concerns.  There are 76 Conservation Districts in Colorado.  The Southeast Weld Conservation District is a member of the Upper South Platte Watershed Association, Colorado Association of Conservation Districts and National Association of Conservation Districts.  Our long range plans are to focus on water quality and quantity, noxious weed management and small acreage management.

The Southeast Weld Conservation District's boundaries are Weld County Road 49 to the west, Morgan County line to the east, Adams County line to the south and nearly Highway 34 to the north.  
Southeast Weld Conservation District® PO Box 381, Keenesburg, CO  80643 email: contactus@seweldcd-co.org